Welcome to the LaBarre Dressage Training Center website.  We are located in Beaumont, PA, about 13 miles north of Wilkes-Barre, PA.

LaBarre Dressage works very hard to be the premier dressage training facility in the north eastern corner of Pennsylvania.  At its core is Michelle LaBarre, head trainer, coach and owner.  Michelle’s strong commitment to classical dressage training and her respect for the needs of her horses and students are what keep LaBarre Dressage the best possible choice for your dressage training needs and desires.

As a rider, Michelle is known for her deep knowledge of horse biomechanics and the dressage training scale, and for her tremendous feel from the saddle.  Having trained an enormous variety of horses, Michelle is able identify training issues and resolve them in a patient but focused way.  Michelle truly believes that dressage can help every horse and that shows in her willingness to train all horse types, from warmbloods to ponies, from thoroughbreds to draft crosses.

As a teacher, Michelle is known for her upbeat teaching style and a firm belief that all people have what it takes to be great riders.  She doesn’t just keep adult amateurs busy on their horses, but she treats them as trainers receiving training.  This means that theory and correct riding are taught and proper work is performed.  Riders are not just put through the paces, but taught exactly what is meant by all those fancy dressage terms.  And just as all horses can benefit from dressage training, so can all riders.  Michelle loves working with riders from a variety of disciplines; besides her dressage students, she has been known to teach reiners and western pleasure riders, hunter/jumpers, saddle seat riders and (one of her personal favorites) eventers.

Michelle’s attention to the total picture for horse and rider has led her to team up with some top professionals in their fields, who provide saddle fitting, proper shoeing, chiropractic and therapeutic care, and veterinary care. Successful training and competing comes from this concern for the whole horse and whole rider approach.  To this end, Michelle never has more then 15 horses in training and has the help of two on-site working students who provide excellent care and are working hard to become professionals as well.  Having working students groom and feed and handle the horses means that your horse is being handled by people with a deep and growing knowledge and passion about horses and their well being.  They pay careful attention to the manners and behaviors, to the muscles and feeding habits, even to the personalities and idiosyncrasies of each horse.  Knowing their horses are happy and that the care and training are top notch brings great peace of mind to every horse owner we have had the privilege of working with.

Please visit the rest of our website, and if you are interested in sending your horse in for training please contact Michelle directly.  Training packages are offered to suit a variety of needs and Michelle accepts horses to start under saddle as well as horses that have training issues to overcome or horses that simply need to be advanced up the levels in dressage.  If you are looking for a dressage trainer, Michelle offers lessons either on your own horse or possibly on one of hers. LaBarre Dressage hopes to prove that great training can be done in northeast Pennsylvania.

Call Michelle at 716-380-0309 or email her at michellelabarre@yahoo.com to discuss our services.

You can also see lots more pictures and videos on our Facebook page.