LaBarre Dressage, LLC, based at Voltra Farm, works very hard to be your top choice for dressage training in central New York.


At its core is Michelle LaBarre, head trainer, coach and owner.  Michelle’s strong commitment to classical dressage training and her respect for the needs of her horses and students are what keep LaBarre Dressage the best possible choice for your dressage training needs and desires.

As a rider, Michelle is known for her deep knowledge of horse biomechanics and the dressage training scale, and for her tremendous feel from the saddle.  Having trained an enormous variety of horses, Michelle is able identify training issues and resolve them in a patient but focused way.  Michelle truly believes that dressage can help every horse and that shows in her willingness to train all horse types, from warmbloods to ponies, from thoroughbreds to draft crosses.

In summer of 2016, LaBarre Dressage relocated to Voltra Farm in Verona, NY. Voltra Farm is a dressage academy owned by Carin Mei.



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